About me

Xoxo, Reznik here! And today we aren’t talking about anything useful

Long story short, let’s put aside many years of life in post-soviet area… My name is Anton Reznichenko. But you can call me Reznik. By the time I was writing this in 2018, I was 30 y.o. And I got no beard. These damned beards are everywhere, so I am starting a riot! Yup, even though I am over 30.

I’ve been in web-development, constructing all these internets of yours since 2005, when I went to school. Back then, children working in web weren’t mainstream. You know, a year since Facebook foundation. Grass was greener. And tougher. I’ve been into affiliate networks since 2011. I’ve been both an affiliate, a merchant and an affiliate network. My life shows me that service support has become the best part of the process for me. You gotta sell shovel when the gold-fever comes.

It’s easy to guess, that I am the creator and lead developer of AlterVision CPA. The software platform for CPA-networks. It happened that I am also the CEO of this whole mess, which is called AlterCPA team (or WR team). In terms of AlterCPA we try to bring all these 50 shades of black to affiliate networks, creating rookies’ life here a lot easier and enjoyable. Deep inside WR we also try to develop interesting web-projects. Whether it works or not, is up to you to judge, at the time you are reading this.

We’ve created many useful and successful projects in the web: WMsale and 27CM affiliate networks, the API for IP-address geolocation IP Geo DB, OpenFraud united fraud security base, 24PC search system on computer hardware and office appliances, the supplier of warm clients for web-sites WhoCameRU, ArtBot service for WebArtex automation, indexation speed-up project SetIndex, SaleCY for increasing Yandex CY rates, SeoPot robot for visitor churning, kind and almost alive Spring Project organism for creating ready web-sites from various trash throughout the internet and many other bigger and smaller projects. It’s scary even trying to remember everything…

Here and now we are releasing our new small informational project «The Perfect CPA», which is supposed to help you not screw up in the field of CPA-network and traffic arbitrage.

With shapeless hopes on productive cooperation,
sincerely yours, Reznik, the Great and Terrible.