About AlterCPA

AlterVision CPA Platform or AlterCPA is a multi-operated script for creating affiliate networks of any configuration, working on cost per action (CPA) method. It allows to quickly and cheaply create your own CPA-network without breaking your brain and wasting months on developing technical part.

The platform is released in two versions:

Official web-site: www.altercpa.pro on which you can read about the free version, buy the professional version, dig up the documentation and order additional services.

The story of AlterCPA

This long story began in December 2013, when the WR team, represented by this author and his good friend and constant partner in all kinds of technical stuff Vladislav Lukonin decided to reach the horizon. While making different useful services for web-masters we have found uncharted paths to affiliate networks. Vlad, as he usually does, took up the idea and organization, while I dove into the technical part of the process.

The very first version of AlterCPA was represented by a plain interface of the call-center, that we used to process our partners’ leads. So we decided to try the merchant’s role. Through knocks and bruises, the system was gaining call statuses, Post tracking-service integration, automatic blank printing and other small but useful stuff, that merchants need in their work with leads from affiliate networks.

At some point we realized that leads from partners won’t be enough. As usually in ‘By tomorrow’ time frame, the system obtained it’s first affiliate interface. This very moment can be considered the birth of WMsale affiliate network, for which the first AlterCPA version had been created. Time passes, the network grows and evolves. At the same time, the engine gained functionality, extended analytic reports and other small comfies for us and merchants. Peace and joy lasted until summer 2014, when political and economical crisis stroke us. WMsale slipped on the board and fell into the water.

The area of affiliate networks has been declared futile and abandoned for a long time. And it would still be this way if not for a happenstance. Wishing to acquire subtleties of GitHub I decided to upload a useless unnecessary project of mine. And I chose WMsale engine for that. Who knows, if someone might find use for it? The script was cleaned up, the blight of specific network code. After that – documented a bit and uploaded to GitHub in November 2015. There appeared a landing on AlterCMS web-site, describing the script and pricing, like 15k USD for deployment and maintenance. Sure, the idea wasn’t met well. Who needs a script without detailed documentation and support?

But the devil is in the details, you know. And among everyone, there was a couple enthusiasts, who decided to remain unknown. They chipped in and ordered re-development of the engine to fulfil their needs. Basically, they became first buyers of AlterCPA, whose projects are still alive. GitHub version 1.0 was thrown away after first commits and 1.1 version for real networks development began.

AlterCPA has never been published openly ever since. 1.0 GitHub version remained the last one. One smart ass, whose name got lost in court archives of some Siberian town has taken an open version of AlterCPA, changed my name in a few places (forgot it in other, lol) and sold rights for my engine to a team of enthusiasts. When shit finally hit the fan, the justice came quick, right on their faces. Open sources have been ‘removed from the internet’ permanently. No more open sources…

With the release of 3.0 version in 2017 the platform finally became what it looks like now. A simplified free version and a fully functional professional version. Summer of 2018 brought automated license generation interface, next Fall was the time the worldwide promotion of the system started.

That worldwide achievement was quite a questionable moment, as those two first enthusiasts were from Ukraine and Kazakhstan. That is exactly why our first foreign customer, who didn’t speak Russian at all is our true achievement.

Nowadays, the platform is better every day. Our team puts in a lot of efforts into developing new useful features to make creating affiliate networks a quick and simple procedure.