8 years of AlterCPA

Suddenly December 13 came, which means AlterCPA has a birthday 😻 We are 8 years old 🙀 Perhaps we can sum up the results of this year 🤔 It was the most productive of all time – about two hundred completed tasks 🤯

😎 We have made for you an excellent fast cloak AlterCPA One, simple and understandable for the average affiliate marketer. It will eat Facebook, Google and bots. For AlterCPA owners – free 😉

📞 We have redesigned a free CRM for merchants – AlterCPA Moe. Now it has good documentation, logistics and call center automation.

🖼 We’ve come to terms with beauty saving the world and added styling support to AlterCPA. For example, we even made some cute themes.

🎁 We succumbed to your desire to waste money – we organized referral and bonus programs in AlterCPA, which are easy to use.

💣 We just implemented a bunch of useful little things: caps, accounting for advertising costs, integrations for crypts, extended postbacks, brokerage traffic, working with files, time zones, setting up statistics, PrivateFlare, working with Tilda, import-export of offers, domain verification.

🍺 We climbed out of our den on Kinza and Mac, where we personally met our wonderful customers.

❤️ And we also more often pleased you, our dear users, helping to grind your shovels on the mountain of money 🥰 Thank you for being with us this year 😻 We love you 😘