New WatchCat search

Our free offer monitoring service AlterCPA WatchCat painstakingly collects an event database from the first networks that came under its gaze 😼 In the couple of months since the test launch, we extracted one and a half tens of thousands of offers, almost forty thousand goals and far beyond the hundred thousand changes that managed to happen to them. The sentinel cat does not doze off and immediately sends notifications to all interested subscribers 😸

👬 Today we came to you with a few pleasant things that have appeared in WatchCat recently. And the first pleasant trifle will be “Similar Offers”. On the page of any of the offers, we are trying to find the most suitable candidates for similar offers from other networks. We look both at the name of the offer itself and at its goals. This, of course, is not yet a comparison of offers like the good old CPAD, but we do not strive for it – the specifics of the service are completely different.

🏳‍🌈 We significantly improved the search algorithms for the offers themselves and added the ability to search for offers by geography. If the affiliate network is able to refine the geography of its goals, we will find the right offers for you. While this functionality is not supported by all networks, but in a few days we will eliminate this annoying misunderstanding.

📐 Perhaps the most interesting update will be the release to the public. It would seem that our service was already public and free. But this time we went a little further and built our offer catalog directly into the 27CM friendly portal: – how It says without registration and SMS! Of course, far from all the functions of WatchCat itself are available on the portal – the update feed, subscriptions and private offers are still available only inside the service. But we will definitely develop our cooperation with the portal and increase the public functionality of its section “Offers”.