AlterCPA AutoCall

Today we decided to reveal to the world the secret tool of our top users working as merchants and call centers – AlterCPA AutoCall 🤖 This tool turned out to be so secret that we ourselves sometimes do not understand why the hell is it needed … 🤷‍♀️

AlterCPA AutoCall – This is a small but very proud automation utility for call centers powered by AlterCPA Pro and CPAmoe. It offloads the operators of your call center from the tedious expectation of a customer response. Automation will take care of all missed calls, disconnected phones and inaccessible subscribers, freeing up the time of your operators for really useful work – coffee, gossip and cats! 😸 Speaking of cats in the next post 😼

You can learn more about this product on our official website:

🎁 And the first AlterCPA Pro customer, who today will write to me in PM on Instagram “AutoCall me free”, will receive the lifetime license of AlterCPA AutoCall totally free 🎉