Обновление для AlterCPA v 3.1

An update for AlterCPA v 3.1 was released 🔥 As you know, it’s always so calm before the storm, which is why, after a whole month of silence, we present a really fat update 😇

😎 What we added:

– Extended statuses (stages) of orders. Yes, less than four years have passed since the release of the first version, and we finally added the ability to use our own nested statuses. Thanks to them, it became much easier to organize the work of packers or delivery callcenter, dividing packing orders in convenient folders.
– Integration with call centers for call delivery. Now orders at the delivery stage (or with delivery problems) can be driven to the control of a third-party call center according to the same principles used in classical integrations.
– Delivery service Nova Poshta for Ukraine. So far, only in the very initial version, but already working.
– Statistics on hours for webmasters and agencies. Now it is easy to estimate at what time traffic comes the most.
– Support for info-product offers. All in all, such offers have existed for a long time, it is enough not to include delivery to them. But now we have added support for E-mail and optimized work with them.
– Automatic updates and notifications in the technical support section. An open technical support page now monitors for new messages and sends an audible notification.

⚠ Important! When updating, do not forget to upload the changes-3.0-3.1.sql file from the setup folder to the database. Not entirely, but starting from the third line, from 10/21/2017.